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✿ NOT A REPLACEMENT, NOT A DIET! ✿ Transform your body into a fat-burning machine!
[SIZE="6"]✿ Bios Life Slim ✿

- Tried many slimming products but ain't seeing any result?

- Doesn't want to spend thousands going to slimming centre?

- Sick of feeling hungry all day long?

- Want to feel energetic and lose weight at the same time?

- Tried hard to lose that pregnancy weight and is still trying?

- Looking for a safe, healthy, and natural way to lose weight?

Try Bios Life Slim!
*This product is Halal certified & is safe for breast-feeding mums.*

[Image: 1234051_1383793368516311_1170852013_n.jpg]

Why Bios Life Slim?

1. It contains natural propriety ingredients, hence helping your body naturally to regulate the amount of fats stored.

2. Not only it helps your body to store less fat, it also allows existing fat to burn away.

3. Increases your energy level.

4. Reduces glycemic index of foods you eat.

5. Maintain healthy cholesterol levels.

6. Balances blood sugar.

7. Improves lipid profiles.

8. Regulates bowel function.

9. It is listed in Physician's Desk Reference.

What is Physician's Desk Reference (PDR)?

The PDR is the nation's most trusted source of FDA-approved information, and is consulted by health care professionals millions of time each week. 90% of health care professionals consider this reference the most important source of reliable information and it helps them in making the right decision on advising their patients which products they should use.

[Image: 1173776_1383795715182743_680591727_n.jpg]

Recommended Use :

For best results, drink two or three times, 10 - 15 minutes prior to meals. Mix one package with 240 - 300 ml of water, milk, juice, or comparable beverage. Stir vigorously or use shaker cup. Drink immediately.

How long will it take?

The main objective of Bios Life Slim is to gradually train your body to burn fat instead of storing it and usually it takes about three months for this effect to be permanent.

Most users start to 'feel better' within days of using Bios Life Slim and reported a reduction in size starts less than 30 days later.

Wait no more. Try it now!

[Image: 1185216_1384904528405195_145740436_n.jpg]

Reviews / Testimonials by Satisfied Users

[Image: 73749_439464306122341_2137477320_n.jpg]

She used to be a Slimming Consultant but she herself never see herself slimming down! Till she found Bios Life Slim, today her waist size only at 26" compared to before its 29"! She says this "It's So Simple, Bios Life Slim - One Product, One Rule!"

Visit our facebook page : Search "Vickii Slim Unicity" or

✿PM / Whatsapp 82688970 or 81398349 to get your set of Bios Life Slim today! ✿​

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