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Body Slimmer ( SUPER ABOBA )

SUPER ABOBA is a hot selling blood slimming
product in Japan.

The name "ABOBA" is a composition of the
characters "AB", "O", "B", "A" which represent 4
major blood types.

Since people with different blood types have
different constitution, having diet that is suitable for
your blood type can improve your digestion-system
and advance your metabolism, which depletes
unnecessary calories.

According to different blood types, 4 formulas of
SUPER ABOBA are developed and each formula
is made by the food ingredients that are suitable
for each blood type.

Taking the formula that is suitable for your blood
type can help you achieve desirable slimming
result without changing your original diet habit

Blood Type AB

Formula Ingredients:

Soybean Extract
Lactic Acid Bacteria. Blood type AB is a special
blood type.

Food suits for blood type A and B also suits for
blood type AB.

Blood type AB is suitable for consuming:

dairy products. Soybean Extracts:

assist fiber of body to attract bile acid
get down the fatDHA supplies the essential
nutrition of brain.

Lactic Acid Bacteria

absorb the harmful materials from inside body
discharge to outside body.

Blood Type O Formula


L-CarnitineBlood type O is suitable for consuming :

fishChitosan is a natural fiber made from the shells:

lobsters. In laboratory studies, Chitosan has been

ionically attract
bind fat. L-Carnitine is an amino acid:

speed up fatty acid to be burned in Mitochondria.

Blood Type B Formula


Young Barley Grass
Bay Leaves Extracts
Lactic Acid Bacteria
L-Carnitine. Blood Type B is suitable for

dairy product
vegetables. Soybean Extracts:

assist fiber of body to attract bile acid
get down the fat. Young Barley Grass:

advance the metabolism
discharge the junk to outside body. Bay Leaves:

reduce abdominal distention
help to improve digestion-system.
Lactic Acid Bacteria:

absorb the harmful materials from inside body
discharge to outside body. L-Carnitine is an amino

speed up fatty acids to be burned in
MitochondriaBlood Type A Formula


Soybean Extracts
Aloe Powder
White Kidney Beans
Raspberry. Blood Type A is suitable for consuming

cereal grain
vegetables. Soybean extracts:

assist fiber of body to attract bile acid
then get down the fat. Aloe:

various Vitamins
it can help for the metabolismWhite Kidney Beans:

inhibit the absorption of starchiness (e.g.
then reduce the ingestion of energy.Raspberry:

may boost the metabolism
nourish the skin
keep beauty.

If interested or more enquires Pls leave a msg or
contact me via email to [email protected]

I have customers who taken this product with a
package that contain others products and get to
slim down 5-9kg in 3months... ...

I have a package for consuming a month which
cost $370... ...

Hope to hear from U all soon... ...

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