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Comfort Bubble Mat
The bubble mat is manufactured using ceramic powder embedded with polyurethane cover and connected to SG-2000 spa machine during spa.

The high capacity pump from spa machine produces 46 litres of air per second and the air is forced out throught 300 tiny holes lined up on the mat placed at the bottom of the tub. Thousands of bubbles rushing out from these holes per second collide with one another producing more bubbles. The collision of these bubbles also produce ultrasound. Under the influence of heat, ceramic in the mat will release FIR(Far Infrared Ray) which emitted from the mat penetrate through the skin to warm up and dilate the blood capillaries.

Size: L 87 x W 32 (cm)
Weight: 2.5 kg

Please call/SMS or email for details. 

Call/SMS: (65) 90106208
Email: [email protected]

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