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Dehumidifier- Novita
I bought this dehumidifier at $549.(receipt to prove) Not using it anymore as the aircon is always on nowadays.

Useful and protects your households, especially computer and electronics, by 'sucking' away the moisture in the air.

Also good for the skin as you can adjust the humidity level that you want to be exposed to.

portable and comes with wheels. Collects water in the gray container (as seen in pic) or can be continuosly drained through a hose( which is provided)

displays the current humidity level of the room at all times. programmable and comes with charcoal filter (to chemically clean the air)

Good as new. viewing can be done at my place (near city). Comes with warranty.( 1 year). Free delivery if you are not able to carrry it yourself.

SmS or call me at 98518760SOLD

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