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LCD Digital Photo Frame
The thought of your late grandma staring back at you whilst sitting and enjoying the television can be somewhat a bit unnerving. Your mother has set her picture on top of the TV as a keepsake for the memory of her dearly beloved, giving you the unsettling feeling that the picture can come to life and that your granny is watching your every move. Sometimes even the picture comes to life with the strong power of your imagination springing to life.
Now we are into the 21st century, the technical era some would say, another dimension of our evolution and our dominance of this planet playing big on our egos. Back 200 years ago nobody would have thought that pictures could be made, let alone be digitized... memories played a big part in the remembrance of our dearly beloved, who have passed on to the afterlife. But even with the power of imagination, that memory would fade into a hazy picture in the mind’s eye. Even with static photographs, the picture remains, but the personality weakens.
Now let’s get out of that melancholic state of mind, we are now in our technological age where (almost) anything is possible. The Digital Picture Frames can now give you both the personality and picture of any image that is downloaded and saved to its memory. Get the latest gimmicks from your kids, live images from beautiful land spots like Las Vegas and the Caribbean. Now the picture stand that is your television can come to life with a bit of imagination and taste.
If you are planning on going on your holidays any time soon then remember to pack your digital camcorder or camera, because those snaps you take can be downloaded to the Digital Picture Frames in order for you to put them to a slideshow, helping you to remember one of life’s great pleasures... the holiday!
What impresses me most of all is the slideshow effect on these Digital Picture Frames, being able to update your digital pictures say on an hourly basis, or every 3 hours, depending on the settings you have.
All in all, my view on the Digital Picture Frames are that they are here to stay. It is only a matter of time before every household could own one of these and that they are not just a tech geeks play toy. They would make a wonderful gift for loved ones who hold electro gadgets in such high regards to people who are not tech savvier.

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