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#1 - For Something To Read On The Go

Go ahead and type this address, on any device you have to hand, wherever you happen to be right now and whatever time it is now you are reading this.

The first page, the 'Home' page, contains ‘My Bulletin Board’, and the other page headings are Mysteries eBooks, Ghosts eBooks, eReaders & Tablets, My Library and Everything Else.

FYI, under the ‘Everything Else’ page, there is a sub-page ‘TheEverythingElseStore’. It caters especially to those who might just at the moment be interested in, and who might just at the moment happen to be in the market for, the products and non-fiction eBooks, eMagazines and eNewspapers featured in this store.

Finally, bear in mind, there’s lots more that will be added in due course, and some taken down to make way for change, so you must stay glued to this Mysteries & Ghosts eFiction website!

Whoever you are, wherever you are, there’s something for everyone everyday

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