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P1-p6 guided composition writing workbooks
Our goal is for children to love composition writing.

Our guided workbooks provide a step-by-step way to write brilliant compositions every time.

We have 3 guided workbooks now:

* P5 and P6/PSLE (pdf ebooks US$5.00 or S$6.43 each, which can be read on all computers/tablets/handphones)
* P2 (printed book format S$9.90)

To purchase the ebooks, please visit:

To purchase the P2 printed book, please visit:

To view samples of the exercises and models in our books, and download them ('30 Free Composition Writing Exercises and Models for P1-P6), visit our website:

Guided workbooks (ebooks) for P1-P4 will be out soon.

We wish your children many happy hours of writing compositions.

Best regards
Merle Celine Magness (Ms)
TriLife Communications

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