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Paris Paws Dog/Cat/Rabbit/Guinea Pig Daycare and Sitting @ Ang Mo Kio Singapore
Planning for a getaway holiday but worry about your pet accommodation and well being? Considering about the environment, food, pet boarding and resting area? Now we have made it easier for you with our premium one to one pet sitting service.

100% Care Pet Sitting

Our pet sitting service is unique from others. We do not pet sit more than 3 pets at a time. In this way, we can ensure that your pet receive the undivided attention and care from us.

No Cage, No Ticks, No Dog Fight

Your pet will stay in a clean and tick- free environment. No cage will be used unless you particularly request for one. Unlike pet hotels with overwhelming pets to attend to at a time, we are more confident to ensure that your pet is in a clean environment and stay ticks-free. And we do understand that every pet has different character and personality just like their human owners, we will not put them together and this will avoid them from any possible fights.

What makes us different?

We are professional groomers ourselves and that give us the advantage edge over others in the sense that we are able to monitor better and identify any health issue system or attend to any immediate grooming needs such as dirty ears or insect bites that cause your pet to scratch non-stop.

What is included?

Beside providing a safe place for your pet, we also provide free bath and brush to keep them clean. For dogs, we provide 2 daily walks under good weather. We do not provide food as different pete have different diet requirements. For pets with medication needs, we will help to feed the medications in accordance with your instructions.

Pet Sitting Price

Small & Medium Dog $30 Day Care / $40 Sitting
Large Dog $40 Day Care / $60 Sitting
X-large Dog $45 Day Care / $65 Sitting
Cat $20 Day Care / $30 Sitting
Rabbit & Guinea Pig $20 Day Care / $35 Sitting
Bird & Tortoise & Hamster $5 Day Care / $10 Sitting

What is the difference between daycare and boarding?

Daycare refer to taking care for your pet on your behalf within our business hours only. For example, you need to attend a wedding ceremony which you cannot bring your pet along and no one is able to take care of your pet for you. Then, daycare is the best choice for you.

Pet Boarding refer to taking care of your pet within a time period while you are either travelling or busy shifting house for example.

Send Your Pet To Us So You Can Truly Travel With An Ease Of Mind 

We encourage you to contact us and book your pet sitting slots in advance to avoid slots being taken up as you know we have limited slots. Cash deposit is required. 

No. 1 Fast growing pets grooming boutique salon in Singapore
Your friendly neighbourhood pet shop singapore

At Paris Paws, we provide a wide range of pet services for your pet’s needs.
Our services includes:
Dog Grooming
Cat Grooming
Rabbit Grooming
Guinea Pig Grooming
Non- Anesthesia Dental Scaling
Pet Spa & Massage
De-ticks & Dematt
Daycare / Sitting Services
Pet food and Accessories
Ala-carte services

We are a team of professional pet groomers and also pet owners ourself. Hence we care to provide a relaxing grooming experience for your pet.

We are also a fast growing pet shop with customers from all around Singapore. 

Give us a call at 85037553 to book a grooming session for your pet and let your pet experience the differences!

For more information visit us at

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