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UK Imported Space Saving Wall Beds and Furniture
[SIZE="7"]Hello Sir/Mdm,

Our space saving products save up to 88% of your current spaces occupied by your bed, making your living space cozier, with more breathability, and ample space for you and your family to enjoy!

With the trend of decreasing room spaces in Singapore, in HDBs and private condos by about 15% since 1990s, there is less space for daily activities that we enjoy. (From Wikipedia - Public Housing in Singapore)

Research into small living spaces has shown that it leads to stress, anxiety, and adverse effects on mental and physical health, especially in children. ( Dr Calvin Gwandure, University of Witwatersrand, South Africa)

With Space saved, the room can be easily turned into a multifunctional purpose room, be it a entertainment room with karaoke, a study room, a dining room, a guest room, a drinking room, and many more. Turn it into a room that pleases you, with the available space.

So start saving space today, make your room comfortable and cozy. Enjoy your daily activities and events, be it work or play!

To find out more how the various benefits of space saving beds, check us out on:

Thank you,
Space-Saving Furniture Systems Pte Ltd

Tel: 9638 9702
865 Mountbatten Road,
Katong Shopping Centre

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