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WTS: AIPO Dry Cabinet - Digital Series (Made In Taiwan)
I have few models of brand new AIPO Dry Cabinet to let go, which comes with 5 years warranty.

AP- 38 EX-S$170 (Digital)
AP- 48 EX–S$220 (Digital)

Dry Cabinet is the Dry Cabinet for prevent your expensive camera from Fungus grow.

Nowadays have many Brands Dry Cabinets in the Market, but many Brands they are Analog dehumidify system but Digital Display only (Battery needed for digital display).

Why AIPO Dry Cabinet?
1) AIPO Dry Cabinet is a digital Dehumidify system C/W Digital Display.
2) No Battery needed
3) Not need First time seasoning
4) 5 Watts power Consume
5) Latest TE Technology
6) Automatic humidity control.
7) Digital display
8) 5 years Warranty

What is the difference between digital hygrpmeter in the AD series and the digital humidity controller in the DHC series?

AD series
-higher inaccuracy percentage up to +6º in humidity measurement.
-Using knob to calibrate until the desired humidity.
-Required to have the humidity pre-set before putting in equipment. This is knowned as “First Time Seasoning”
Eg: Set the dial within the cabinet, let the humidity settle, then adjust again until 45~55 is reached.

DHC series
-Inaccuracy percentage is less, about +3º.
-No knob is involved. Desired humidy is controlled on the LCD and power supply to the dry cabinet will cut off once the desired humidity is reached. As a result, you does not need to monitor the humidity reading all the time. Definately peace of mind!
-Once set a value, the cabinet will start to work towards the humidity level without the need for it to be settled first. You can put in equipment immediately after setting the humidity level

If you are interested, please do not hesitate to SMS me at 9007 5682 or Email to [email protected]

[Image: 2643023120_6cf244c3e2_b.jpg]

Looking for agents of AIPO as well.

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