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want to buy : Used Laptop & HandPhone
lm buying all type of 2nd hand laptop, computer and hand phone with higher price than the shop can give you. Selling at lower price than the shop give.
The price i give will be good because i dont own a shop, so i use the renter money to cover my expenses.

Anyone plan to sell of their laptop, computer or handphone drop me a mail indicate the specification and the model of the product you wanna sell
i will give the highest price to you. We will pay by cash.
My email is [email protected]. I will get back to you very soon.

we can get it ship to you
We are a Phone Class Limited company located in USA.We sell all
kinds of mobile phones and laptops computer at low price.Such as
laptops,Nokia phones,Sumsung phones,Motorola phones,Sony Ericsson
phones,Nextel phones Sidekick3/4 phones,Xbox,Apple iphone,i-mate
phones,Treo phones,blackberry phones,LG phones,Play Stations 3/4 Games and
many more at very low costs price.
Contact us with the email address below:
Email:[email protected]
Email: [email protected]
Email: [email protected]
Great Thanks and Regards To You.................
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