SEO Marketing, Optimizing For Voice Search 101

How To Optimize For Voice Search In SEO Marketing

The trends for content marketing and online business are always changing. One factor that has remained constant since the 1990s is the need for SEO. Search Engine Optimization, however, has also experienced transformation to reflect a totally different outlook.

Today, people search the internet in very different ways as they did in 2000.

According to Internet Trends Report 2016, more than 60 percent of the internet searches by making on mobile devices. Unlike desktops, when people search the internet using their phones, they are more likely to use voice search.

According to the Internet Trends Report, 22% of people use voice search to find local business listings, 21% search for entertainment while 27% use it to find personal information. It is therefore very important for every business to optimize their business for voice search.

How Does Voice Search Affect SEO

Voice search has a different approach when it comes to SEO marketing. Unlike the conventional text searches, voice search entails real human emotions. When people use voice search, they speak as they would do in their normal conversations. This is where the difference comes in.

Unlike the conventional SEO, voice search targets long tail keywords. The keywords used should be custom made for the specific kind of business you are dealing with. For instance, you could use the FAQ section to craft questions that are more likely to be asked by a customer. In a voice search, the searchers will ask the question as it is, therefore using them as part of your keywords would be helpful.

Secondly, voice search is mostly done on mobile devices. Most smartphones are designed to detect the user’s location and therefore will give search results based on location. As a business, you must optimize your SEO for local search so as to make sure your business is found by anyone in your region.

How To Optimize Voice Search

Use Google My Business listing

Google my Business listing is the perfect way to put yourself on the map. It lets Google know more information about your business, your location, and your contacts. This information is used for geo-referencing and hence enhancing your local search results.

Claiming your Google My Business and having it up to date will help you get more visibility. Google can narrow the search to your business categories and help those who need your services to find you easily.

Use Plus Long-tail keywords

Plus long-tail keywords are actually conversational keywords. Unlike the conventional SEO, the voice search SEO needs keywords that have all the aspects of a natural conversation. Human beings do not communicate by asking two words. For instance, instead of “New York Dry cleaners” a human voice search will ask for “Where do I find the best New York Dry cleaners”?

Finding the right conversational keywords will need some research. If you need help in determining which conversational keywords would suit your business, engage SEO services from Google SEO expert.

You need to be specific and customer oriented to get it right with voice search optimization.

Structured Data Markup

While you may have the right keywords, it may be very difficult for the search engine to capture the context of your text.

Using Structured Data Markup helps in applying the right schemas and gives the voice search more information. Structured data markup gives definition to the information on your site such that the search engines can interpret and present it in the right context.

Focus On Mobile

The voice search market is mainly an aspect of mobile phone users. For a successful incorporation of voice search on your site, it is important for every business to get a mobile friendly and optimized site. If you do not have a mobile site, you are already behind schedule. You should start by making your site mobile friendly so that your site visitors do not turn into high bounce rates. For you to convert your visitors, your site must be visible and efficiently usable on mobile devices.

Bottom Line

The future of search engine optimization lies with voice search. The future is more oriented towards artificial intelligence. Every new device that is being developed today, is tailor-made to suit the human need to have a rational conversation with computers. The sooner you align your site to this new strategy the better for you.

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